Potentially Asked Questions
What is Noms? Noms is a project on building diet habit tracker application as lightweight as possible. More specifically, it's a time tracker for intermittent fasting hours / "eating window".
How much does it cost? Free! No credit cards, no personal information, none.
Huh, so do you sell my data?
Nope! Everything is stored in your browser local storage, never leaving your phone / computer. We would not know how much ice cream you ate last night 😉 Conversely, we would not be able to restore any data that is lost.
Do / will you provide training / guides? Also no. We are not health professionals and are not knowledgeable enough to share health information. Noms aim to be useful for people who already know what routine they would like to do.
"I want [a11y feature]" We would like to support it and make Noms usable for everyone. However, we are also not professional web developers, thus likely we are not actually aware of such feature. Contact us with your specific issue and we will do our best to make Noms easier to use for you.
Can I provide feedback? Email or tweet us! We would love to hear from you.
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